Castle Logix

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Castle Logix
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Manufacturer Description

This Castle Logix game provides children opportunities to use logical reasoning and visual and spatial perception. Includes a booklet with challenges and solutions.

Castle Logix is an awesome toy that is both fun and educational, although your child probably won't know that it's educational unless you tell her! Like other toys from Smart Games, Castle Logix is deceptively simple. Inside the box are seven wooden pieces - four cuboids (3D rectangles) and 3 spires of varying lengths - and a spiral-bound book with about 50 illustrations of "castles" that are constructed by combining the pieces. The game is played by choosing a page from the book (which contains easy, medium, and hard puzzles) that pictures a particular castle structure, and then figuring out how to combine the blocks to realize the design. Answers are provided on the back of each page, although they aren't typically necessary. This toy is best suited for 4-year-olds, and parental support is necessary to maximize its educational value. Although Castle Logix isn't specifically marketed to girls, the castle theme is attractive to girls and there's nothing really gendered about it. A related product, "Camelot, Jr." does seem to be specifically designed to appeal to girls, but it is a bit more difficult - best for ages 5 and up.

Product Features

A fun, unique twist on puzzle games; Build castles A wooden game made from high quality materials 48 Challenges included, from easy to very complex Early challenges are great for beginners Helps develop logic and spatial reasoning skills