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Feed The Kitty

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Feed The Kitty
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Manufacturer Description

Feed the Kitty is as simple as a cat's life. Mice are on the menu, and as they move from place to place, it's anyone's guess who will end up hungry and who will get to have a full belly. Will you be caught catnapping or will you pounce into the lead? The answer is all in the roll of the dice.

The game is simple and fun for young kids to play. Just roll the dice and see which side it lands on. Depending on what you get, you can pass one of your mice to the next person, take a mouse from the bowl, feed one of your mice to the cat or even do nothing at all. It's a great way to develop your child's understanding of math. They'll learn how to count, add and subtract as they gain and lose mice.

This is a cute and very simple game for two or more players that teaches basic concepts of addition and subtraction. It is best for four year olds, although it may be suitable for advanced three year olds as well. To maximize educational value, a young child should play with someone older.

In the game, each player starts with the same number of mice, which depends on the number of players. On each turn, a player rolls the dice and either has to put zero, one or two mice in the bowl (to feed the kitty) or take zero, one or two mice out of the bowl. If a parent, guardian or older sibling is playing with a younger child, they can ask the child to add or subtract zero, one or two mice from his or her stash, and teach simple math in that way (e.g. "What's 5 minus 2?").

Our personal recommendation is to start with no more than five mice per player. Otherwise the game takes too long!

Product Features

2 to 5 players Playing time: about 15 minutes 20 wooden mice, 2 custom dice, kitty bowl High gloss graphics Made in the USA