Science toys

Science toys help children to understand the world in which they live by providing insights into some of the processes and mechanisms behind natural and synthetic creations. They also foster the natural curiosity that accompanies childhood and encourage children to ask why something happens and think about possible answers. Asking children questions and giving them the opportunity to discover the answer promotes critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and innovation - skills that are critical to success for kids and adults in the real world. This is but one of many reasons why a strong science education is important for everyone - boys, girls, artists, explorers, doctors, dancers, etc.

The science toys sold by Petals and STEM will help girls learn how to make observations, form hypotheses, collect evidence, and draw conclusions about the things they see in the world around them. The science dolls and characters sold here serve the joint purpose of encouraging imaginary play about scientific topics and careers, and providing examples of female characters in scientific disciplines. It is somewhat unfortunate that most of the science kits designed for girls today concentrate on makeup, perfume, and spa therapy; and Barbie isn't our favorite role model; but we'll take what we can get for now and hope to show there's a market for better toys in the future.

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